Thank you.

The fact that you’re here already means a lot.

Please read on because the following is very important to me.

Everything I do - art, animation, music, this website and its content - is just for fun. I'm a hobbyist and I don't intend to make this my full time job.

In the end I just want to change the world, even if only a bit.


If you would like to support my work.

Show my stuff to someone. Whether it be your friends, your mom, or your dog.

Print it out. Stick it on your wall. Make a bookmark. Make a sticker. Make a card.

Download my music, make remixes, do a cover, and upload them.

Download my art and repost it everywhere like the plague.

Make your own patches, T-shirts, stickers, for yourself and your friends.

But most importantly - keep it free, and make sure others do too.

I appreciate those who support whatever I make, instead of blindly treating me like a content factory.

Join my Patreon if you want to help with hosting costs and doing what I do. If you're only in for the perks I would suggest you seek out other artists to give money to.