720 Degrees

Category | single

DATE CREATED | 13 September 2023


Well remember that time when it was just the two of us

Awake in the middle of the night and everyone else was asleep

You held my hand and I held yours

And we?both?smiled?to each other

But?clearly you had?something else on your mind

Because I was 7 years old

�Cuz I was so na�ve

To even think that I could trust you with my own body

And I know you never got caught but did you know that hell is kinda scary

I hate you so much �cuz you just ruined my life like that

And I know you always deny it because you�re a douchebag

Remember when you lied in court and lied to us about mom

And I just know you�d never take the blame because you�re a fucking asshole and no one likes you and you�re going to hell

�Cuz every single gift you bought us was really just a makeshift Band-Aid

To hide the fact that you were never really a father

Maybe my memory is shit because you never fed us quite as well as yourself

But at least I remember all the things you did to me

You know there was this one room in the old house we lived in

That you�d lock us inside of because we were never good enough for you

It kinda reminds me of the time in hospital because they had to make sure I didn�t fuckin� neck myself

Well at least the food was pretty good, I ate like 8 sandwiches

Never picked me up from school when I tried to kill myself on recess

Teachers don�t believe you when they think you�re just a troubled boy

Even sister blames you for our brother�s death

Because you never were quite good to him at all

And clearly you didn�t learn a thing from him doing a backflip off a building, fuckin� 720 degrees that shit

�Cuz the only thing you cared about that month was getting baptised since you�ll knew you�d go to hell

Right with your own dad who fucked a chicken, what?

And then there�s mom, who you hit who you blame for your own falls

Look at her now she�s a fragile porcelain doll

Without a goal because you�re a controlling, abusive, narcissistic, sack of shit bastard who really just deserves to rot in hell

Kneel and pray go to church read the bible all you want

If you�re lucky even God might actually forgive you

Otherwise I�ll see you in hell for writing this song, bitch

And they always tell me that

We�re all family and we should try and get along right

Because we�re all connected by blood

But I guess it�s too bad because past a certain age

Your kids will learn enough to figure out what�s really going on

And that�s when you�ll be in trouble

Wonder when you�re old if any of your kids will talk to you again

Consider the possibility that you�re the one who�s a fucking stain

Of shit to all our lives do us all a favour and just fucking kill yourself

Stick a shotgun up your mouth and pull the trigger

Cos when you�re old and no one cares for you no more

It�ll be way too late to fix it all

But that is if you�re assuming it�s not too late already to fix it now� that�s funny

When you die and hopefully youlll die soon you'll be all alone

And I wouldn�t even want to pay for your headstone

But if you had one, for some reason? I'll draw a fucking dick on it because that's what you were to us our whole lives, you were just a dick I hope you suck Satan�s cock in hell