28 July 2023

  • Modified post sidebar panel to be more user friendly

27 July 2023

  • Hid store page from menu list
  • Changed site logo
  • Redesigned Homepage
  • Modified Articles page to display consistently among all devices
  • Added all 2021 art into gallery
  • Updated About + FAQ

06 June 2023

  • Revamped homepage
  • Deleted junk!

30 September 2022

  • Fanart page updated.
  • Store page rehauled and updated.

16 August 2022

  • Fanart page has been fixed, all photos should be accessible and visible for both mobile and desktop users.
  • Comments url section disabled
  • Arrows on fanart page has been swapped as per request of Discord server members
  • Gallery page added to header
  • Rat In The Machine gallery uphauled

16 June 2022

  • All fanart may be deleted from the site and hosted externally to provide faster webpage loading times. Rest assured they are being kept safe and will be held onto until I find an appropriate way to implement them.
  • In the far future this entire website may be remade, so don’t expect any permanence.