about me

My name is Charlie Cai, or you can just call me Hat.
I’m an artist, animator, 3d modeller, songwriter, storyboarder… if I want to make something, I will learn how to. :]

Frequently Asked Questions

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What software do you use?

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Paint Tool Sai
Storyboard Pro
ToonBoom Harmony 20
Adobe After Effects CC 2019
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
FL Studio 20
Adobe Flash CS3

how long have you been doing art for?

Drawing and animating since 2012.
Working full time professionally since 2021.

Can i draw fanart!

You may! Send fanart to literalhat@gmail.com or tag me on my socials.

How can I support you?

You can support me through Patreon, or just through sharing my content with your friends. If you would like, you can also purchase merchandise.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Gildedguy, Tom and Jerry.

What’s your cat’s name?