Kill Wall



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The Kill Wall displays a list of Patrons who have signed up to become a target…
All are listed in order of Patronage length. Targets are moved to the reserve list when they are no longer on the hitlist.

Eliminated Targets

Top Hat tier patrons.



Listed: Somber-Sonder, M1n1Cat, Hugs, Dooter, Dee!!


Priority Targets

Beanie tier patrons.

Captain CBisnasty1031
Jay Aury

Potential Victims

Baseball Cap tier patrons.



Reserve List

Past patrons.



Perhaps this is a really cheesy way to display my Patrons, but I truly appreciate all these people who have decided to support me in my mission of world domination. One day I will become the CEO of Disney and animators will be finally be paid fair wages. But for now I will continue animating circles with faces.

If you don’t have the money to support me, it’s fine! I would love if you told someone about my content (unless they’re a kid… they aren’t welcome to view my content). And if you don’t have any friends to talk to about my shit, then all good because me neither. Remember to take care of yourself. You’re awesome and you’re loved. Thanks for visiting