Art usage

This post applies ONLY to artwork usage and does not cover the intellectual property of any .css / .js frameworks used to develop this website.

Can I use your work in edits?
As long as you don’t monetise it, you may use any of my art in music video edits without my permission.

Can I use your work as my profile picture?
You may use any of my art for these things without asking. No need to credit, but it would be nice.

Can I save your art?
Yes, you may save anything on this website to show your friends or to use as your wallpaper. No need to ask.

Can I print your art?
No. Do not make physical reproductions of my work. Well, you can try, but have fun with the reduced DPI.

Can I get a HD version of your art?
Please contact me, I will be willing to discuss for a price.

Can I use your work in my YouTube video?
Sure, go for it. Credit in description is preferable.

Can I use your material for my website or blog?
No, sorry.

Can I edit your art?
You may, as long as it is not malicious in intent and you do not modify character designs. Credit must be given if posted.


You may use my work without asking as social network profile pictures and banners, ‘edits’ (videos consisting of compiled images with transitions), personal wallpapers, or to show your friends because it’s fun. You can save anything on this website onto your local device if you please. Give credit if you can. Basic courtesy. You are prohibited from making any money off my work.

Full version in my Terms Of Use. This is a simplified, easy to understand version.


  1. Recently found your stuff and I’d like to say its fuckin fantastic man! Commenting on here as well- I’ll be using some of your shit for a pfp. Anyways keep up the good work man. You’re fucking awesome

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