Hat 》

A narcissistic, obsessive rascal! Delivers pizza at the speed of light. He’s constantly on the search for opportunities to get closer to his stupid, irrational, oh so sweet romantic fantasies.

Chicken Man 》

Ambitious, kind boy. Passionate about his views and desperate to do good in the world. Calls his mom every day. Goes to church every Sunday. Eats too much chicken. Let’s hope nothing bad happens to him!

Pigtails 》

Determined and persistent to make things right in her life! Top graduate academic genius, organised minimalist, and an animal lover at heart. 

Lady 》

Authoritative, brutally stubborn, and depressed! Probably smokes 4 packs a day. Rides a pretty cool bike. If only she knew how to love herself. 

Fluffy 》

A 14 year old recluse who lives her life in the realms of her own imagination! The sky is the limit!

She’s got a pretty cool cat as well.