The World of LiteralHat – Forever Cancelled

No, shut the fuck up, it’s not being deleted. Just cancelled. I am no longer working on The World of LiteralHat .

But why!?

Well lets make this straightforward yeah?

It’s poorly made, it’s got a million writing issues and is heavily inconsistent, both visually and quality wise. I no longer love it for this reason. Animation is merely a hobby and I don’t see a reason to continue if I don’t enjoy working on it.

I’d rather get this off my chest and move on with other projects. I’ve thought about it for a while and my decision is final.

If you have any complaints, I suggest you swallow a bag of bricks because I don’t owe you anything and this isn’t gonna change.

1) Hat’s Design Has Changed

When I mean changed, I don’t mean his clothes. But the way he’s drawn presently has changed completely, and the inconsistencies are itchy to look at.

If that isn’t specific enough for you it’s mostly the way his arms and fingers are done, as well as the line thicknesses throughout his clothing.

I’m not a perfectionist but he’s my main character and it’s irritating to an extreme extent since I notice these things.

2) The entire ‘show’ is inconsistent

Seriously, in the first episode all the backgrounds were painterly and it suddenly goes to cel shaded bs in the second one. It’s my fault since I had a change of heart, but it’s the biggest downfall because it collateralised into my animating methodology and approach.

3) Dislike the current tone of the show

I didn’t like the tone that was set early on to try and avoid YouTube striking my shit but now realise that I shouldn’t have given a fuck since I already have a wonderful full time job.

Thus I plan to get away from this completely.

If you’re a minor, you’re not welcome on my channel. You’re not fucking special for thinking you’re old enough to watch my content.

4) The title sucks


5) I’m redesigning my logo.


Oh god is this the end of the LiteralHat universe oh god oh fuck

It’s the end of this one you currently am familiar with, but I’m doing a full revamp of all characters and plotpoints.

So what are you gonna do now?

Would rather not talk about it because if I did, you’d start having expectations. But I am working on new projects.

I am still going to make stories about Hatty Hat Hatson, but don’t expect anything similar to the first or second episodes. That’s all. If you want to get access to early content, join the Kill Wall.

So What was gonna happen in the series anyways?

There’s a post on my Patreon about it.


  1. Do what makes you happy, I just love your art style! It’s so dynamic and expressive, and I’m exited to see how it evolves!

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